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A Word From The Boss

G'day, you scraggy mortal! Welcome to the wonderfully profitable world of clan warfare, brought to you by the good people at Screamin' Demon Entertainment - Where the demons are screamin' for more![break]Ever since I was a squirming orcling, I've dreamt of having my own battle arena. It didn't matter if it was rats, goblins, banshees or humans - I just wanted to watch them fight! The fact that it makes me mega-bucks is just a happy coincidence![break] And now, just to make things even better, you have the chance to step onto the battlefield with one of my trusty clans. You get to choose where you pledge your allegiance and how you will decide who steps from the field covered in glory (and blood)! Will it be the first clan to capture a point on the map? How about the last one standing?[break] [i]Whatever you decide, be sure to bring your big-human pants because this is not an experience for the fainthearted![/i][break] [b]Whenever you're ready, let the battle commence![/b]
Craghorn the Desolator - Chief Executive Orc

What The Puny Humans Are Saying

This was madness! I really enjoyed it!


Fightin' Writin' Survivor (Year 8)

I loved doing this! I wish I could do it again!


Fightin' Writin' Demon Master (Year 7)

I loved this workshop! I really want to do it again!


Fightin' Writin' Overlord (Year 7)

This was so intense!


Alex - Fightin' Writin' Superfan (Year 6)

Outcomes for your own clan

Here at Screamin’ Demon Entertainment, the only thing more important than pitting damned souls against each other in the battle arena is the awesome outcomes for your class of puny humans. Fightin’ Writin’ Workshops focus on the following outcomes:

  • Increased engagement in the writing process for reluctant writers
  • Structure and language extension opportunities for all writer
  • Opportunities to extend vocabulary and narrative voice for all writers
  • Increasing verbal communication and story-telling techniques
  • Links to drama and speaking & listening skills
  • By removing the physical aspect of writing, children with physical or sensory disabilities can engage with the full workshop

Convinced? Get in touch at [email protected] to find out more and get the battle started!

How It All Works

Pick your clan to start the battle.

Step 1

Grab a clan and choose your skirmish type. Pick which of your clan members you want to make your narrative hero, and let the battle commence!

Use dice to decide the battles

Step 2

Decide which clan will go first. Use the movement markers to move your clan members around the battle board. Take part in closely-fought battles using the dice to decide who walks away victorious.

Picture of a cartoon post it pad and a flicphart

Step 3

As you make each move and fight each battle, you will narrate what is happening to your narrative hero. Your scribe will write these ideas down and help you to improve and structure them as a coherent narrative. Don’t forget to use roleplay and explore character voice to make your writing even more awesome!

A cartoon showing lots of post it pads working together

Step 4

Once the skirmish is complete, have a look at your narratives. How the battle unfolded will look different from both sides – this is called a dual narrative. Work as a team to make any final improvements.

Cartoon of post it pads sharing ideas

Step 5

Frighten the rest of your class by reading them your gruesome recount of the skirmish! Experiment with mixing the dual narrative together – what impact does it have on the reader?

Fightin’ Writin’ Stats

Clan Members
Stories Left To Tell

Look What The Humans Have Written

If you’d like to read the writing that some of the workshops have produced so far, click the button to download a PDF of their dual narratives.

Choose Your Skirmish

Grab The Skull

Each team starts with a skull from one of their previous enemies. Grab the skull from their corner and return it to your own to steal the victory!

Stand Your Ground

See that glowing pile of gems in the middle of the battlefield? Plant your clan around it and you walk away with the victory!

Last One Standing

Remove your enemy from the battlefield while making sure that at least one of your own clan remains standing. Achieve that, win the game!

Meet The Clans

Punk Choppers

Recruited from the distant future, the Punk Choppers are fearsome and loyal fighters that would sooner die than betray their clan. Their luminous mech weaponry delivers lethal power and instils terror in their foes.

Blue Bottlers

When Dr. Elfie Umber flicked the switch, somewhere in the distant future, her intentions were pure. She had no idea that the flies in her petri dish would grow until they were taller and stronger than their masters. She had no idea that their single minded devotion to revenge would lead to them creating their own time portal to travel back to erase all of humanity.

Howling Ghouls

Mournful and wailing wraiths brought back from the dead by malign sorcerers, the Howling Ghouls are nothing more than wisps of tortured souls held together by their baleful wroth.

Cursed Dead

Some are missing limbs, others impaled on their own weapons, but whatever brought about the end for these hapless miscreants, it turns out that death wasn’t the final chapter in their life. Somewhere, dark magicians chant their mysterious spells and raise the dead to fulfil their own aims – some of them refused to do their bidding and formed an army of their own. These are the Cursed Dead.


These fiery lizard warriors are swift and always on the warpath. They attack when you least expect it with their sharpened spears tipped with bits of fallen meteorite. Originally from the land of Swamporith, they paint their faces before battle to ward off evil spirits and to banish fear from their cold-blooded hearts.

Golden Warriors

Golden Warriors bask in the eternal light of the Everlasting Empire, a beacon of radiance and truth in an otherwise chaotic world. To give their life for the Empire is the greatest honour a Golden Warrior can receive, so every battle is a chance to add their name to the scrolls of the glorious dead.

Plague Vermin

The foul stench of ancient sewers still clings to the matted fur of the Plague Vermin, spreading wretched disease wherever they spread. They may not be the quickest on the battlefield, but they are hard to hit and even harder to kill.


Dragged from the dark caves of Menrir, Grotsquabblers are raised from birth to be fearsome fighters, friends only with the grotesquely bloated gizzard-frogs that have adapted to live in the damp depths.

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Screamin’ Demon Chart Of Awesomeness

We asked a million Screamin' Demon employees who they thought the most awesome, spine-bendingly fearsome clans were. What's that? You don't agree with their choices? How about you grab your clan and step onto the battlefield to prove them wrong! We thought so, you squirming humanoid!
Howling Ghouls:
Golden Warriors:
Plague Vermin:

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