Battle Board
Skirmishes take place on detailed battle boards. These replicate real environments to inspire your choice of creative vocabulary and writing style.
Character Voice
What does your character sound like? Do they speak in slang, or with an accent? Are they timid, or fierce? Thinking about these things will help you to create more […]
Clan Members
Each clan is made up of three clan members. Depending on your skirmish type, you might need to keep as many alive as possible, or perhaps it’s enough to be […]
Dual Narrative
A dual narrative is the same story but told from two different perspectives. If your clan is slaughtered on the battlefield, you’ll definitely have a different tale to tell than […]
Movement Markers
Each clan has its own movement characteristics that tell you how far a character can move each turn. Movement markers are colour-coded to match the clans, making moving a breeze!
Narrative Hero
Each clan will choose one character that they will focus on throughout the battle. They will tell this character’s story as the skirmish unfolds. If this character dies, then one […]
Get more involved in the action by taking on the personality of your clan members. Will you snarl in defeat or gloat in victory? By becoming your character, your writing […]