Sample Text – Emily

Picture of a howling ghoulThe enemy moves first. Nausea flutters in my stomach. When it’s our turn, we make our move. My comrade stands bravely by my side, curiously peeping behind the ancient metal bars. He’s watching…waiting…

Picture of a golden warriorThe daunting ghouls stare at me menacingly. What is he going to do? I shudder at the sight of them. Nervously, we move closer. I peer at their translucent faces beyond the gate.

Picture of a howling ghoulThe Golden Warriors attack – they nearly kill Howler, but his ghoulish powers save him. As I watch, he reappears from the mist. I ready myself, anger raging inside me. The eerier shadow of the tower looms over us. What will happen next? We move closer, edging our way towards an attack.

Picture of a golden warriorMy friends beckon me to go for the kill. With beads of sweat on my forehead, I launch at him, firing arrow; a soaring bullet. It strikes home and I rejoice, but he reappears in front of my eyes! How?

Picture of a howling ghoulThis time, they don’t miss. I have to stand and watch – I can’t believe that they’ve killed Cadler. My brother. This was payback for last time. I hate them, it boils inside me. The rest of us attack, fuelled by revenge: we miss.

Picture of a golden warriorI am furious. My limbs tense and jaw clenches. They are going to get their revenge! I position my sword and advance, ready to strike…finally, he dies!

Picture of a howling ghoulOnce again they attack, this time I am their target. I’m frozen with shock, they lean closer and closer. At this point, I know I’m defeated. My body feels numb and I fall to the ground with a thud. I’m gone.

Picture of a golden warriorEagerly, I lean in for the kill. I don’t know if it will rise from the dead again or not, but I need to do whatever I can. This time, it fades away and doesn’t return. I killed it!

Picture of a howling ghoulI look over and see the Golden Warriors attacking Mater. I watch as he falls to the ground, dead. It’s just me, now. Me. On my own. I decide to go for the kill. I lash out and feel my strike hit home! Surely this time…no! My blade bounces away harmlessly. Is this the end?

Picture of a golden warriorOnly one to go. What is it going to do? He jousts, thrusting his blade towards me, wounding me. It burns and aches, but I’m not dead. Not yet.